FREE Easter Egg Hunt
April 11th and 12th, 2020

Free for all Ages 1-10

  • Age appropriate hunts starting at 10 AM for ages 1 - 10 (each age group will start approximately 20 minutes later: 1 yr old @ 10:00 AM, 2 yr olds @ 10:20 AM, 3 yrs @
  • 10:40AM, 4 yrs @ 11:05AM, 5yrs @ 11:30AM, 6yrs @ 11:55AM, 7yrs @ 12:15PM, 8yrs @ 12:30PM, 9yrs @ 12:45PM, 10yrs @ 1:00PM)
  • Arrive Early as all children must register and receive an age appropriate stamp (Registration is FREE)
  • All Eggs are Prize filled with toys or hard candy and Enchanted Island coupons for free rides, free food items and discounts, plus 40 Grand Prize eggs ($3,000 value in grand prize eggs)
  • Bring your own basket
  • Easter Bunny available for pictures (9am -3pm)

*Due to limited spacing; NO strollers allowed in the Egg Hunt lines and Hunting area.
*One adult per child allowed in Egg Hunt Line
* To make your experience better, if you have children 3 years old and under you will need an adult to accompany the child. If you have multiple children we recommend you bring an additional adult. Only child hunting is allowed in the area. Ages 4-10 will hunt alone.

*In order to participate you must follow ALL rules.

*Additional Rules Apply.